Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Manicure: Sally Hansen Commander in Chic.

After drooling over the gorgeous colour painted on fellow Adelaide blogger, Commander in Chic's nails, I had to make this my own.  It's a colour that inspired the name of a beauty blog; it's amazing.

Yes, I've cut my nails. This is the shortest they've been in months, and let me tell you, typing right now is the strangest sensation.

The application is a dream, much of which the strangely paddle-shaped, tapered brush is to be credited to. The fact that it doesn't appear smooth in my swatch is solely down to the fact I have naturally ridged nails and a completely irrational fear of buffing blocks.

PS. I've been featured over on the lovely Commander in Chic blog. Go show her some well deserved love.


  1. Ohhh pretty! I have this color, but it looks more mauve on my nails. Your nails still looks really pretty!
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  2. I am loving these colours at the moment x

  3. I must say, love the name of this colour! Haha!

    It does look gorgeous on and it is my go to nail polish for this winter. Looks lovely on you my dear!

  4. @Yami Aw, thanks m'dear.

    @Angela Yes! You need this polish!

    @ChloeBlue Me too. Great for Winter.

    @Kirsten Jane Well, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have added this to my collection. It looks great on your nails too. (: