Saturday, November 16, 2013

T2 collection.

I fancy myself something of a prolific tea drinker. My favourite brand of tea is T2, though I do own a squillion boxes and tins of other brands. As you can see from the above images, I also own a squillion T2 teas.

English Breakfast loose leaf tea in a bag
The classic. A traditional blend of Sri Lankan broken-leaf teas. Stimulating and aromatic, the full body and tannins have been said to take on the flavours of a full English cooked breakfast. An even, well-presented broken-leaf produces a bright coppery liquor with an assertive aroma. The flavour is bright and brisk, stimulating the palate and mouth with a bitey and astringent finish.
No matter how many different blends and tisanes I have and love, I always come back to good old English tea. It's a staple.

French Earl Grey loose leaf tea
Earl Grey gets a French twist which is oh-so-fruity. A medium-bodied black tea base with pretty petals and slivers of fruit that play with classic bergamot in an inspiring, bold and refined infusion. With hints of peaches, apricots and zesty citrus, a field of sunflowers, rose, cornflower and hibiscus perform a delicious dance. Classy with a touch of french briskness, this is full of good taste.
So lovely, however I can't help but think of my Grandfather saying, 'I asked for tea, not ladies cologne' when I accidentally plonked an earl grey in his mug in place of his old faithful, English breakfast.

Gorgeous Geisha loose leaf tea
Green tea with strawberries drizzled in cream is a big and bold sweet sensation. Juicy fruit blended with the herbaceous grassy aroma of sencha is intriguing, assertive and very moreish. Delicious hot and stunning iced as a summer treat. It's easy to see why this is our most popular flavoured green - it's simply gorgeous!
Strawberries and green, I can't wait to try it iced.

Monk Pear loose leaf tea
Big, bold and sweet, yet surprisingly humble, a black tea blend with sweet jasmine blossoms, classic bergamot and crisp pear flavours. Pear is there from the outset, but the floral bergamot finish lingers for lovely effect. An almost full-bodied, heavier fruity black that takes a traditional Earl Grey and gives it a fabulously fruity twist.
Earl grey meets a delicate, powdery sweet pear.

Ayurvedic Tea Chai loose leaf tea
A mystical blend of herbs and spices laced with white and green tea and pink peppercorns. A totally intriguing taste full of surprises. What is Ayurvedic, and how does it relate to tea? Ayur = life, veda = knowledge or science. The herbs in our new Ayurvedic tea and tisane range are promoted for cleansing the body, increasing our immune system, and most importantly keeping your body, mind and spirit in top shape!
This smells of Deep Heat, and thankfully does not taste of Deep Heat. When I spoon this into my tea basket, I always take great care to favour the dried coconut.

Sleep Tight loose leaf tea
This light, soft and soothing herb blend is for when the day is done and sweet dreams are all that is left. Gentle lemony mintiness from lemon balm combines with the sweet perfume of rose, lavender and jasmine. Calming and quiet, warming, mild and muted, this is a glorious way to say goodnight.
If like me, you have difficulty winding down, grab yourself a Sleep Tight, a herbal supplement with valerian root, some ambient lighting and slow that brain down.

Sencha Quince loose leaf tea
An appealing addition to our flavoured green tea range. The fresh herbaceous qualities of sencha play with pretty cornflower blossoms and the sweet assertiveness of quince. Light pink musk aromas transform into fruity and fresh floral flavours with a brisk finish. An exotic and sensual sensation.
This is very, very delicate. Best served in porcelain whilst wearing a sundress.

Licorice Legs loose leaf tea
Sweet, smooth and comforting liquorice is blended with fresh peppermint for zing and the sweet aromatics of fennel. A calming, comforting brew full of healthy goodness. Digestive and cleansing, refreshing and invigorating, this is versatile for whenever a little flavour replenishment is in order.
I love this. Those I've foisted a steaming mug of Legs to haven't been quite so enthused. Peppermint and fennel divide people.

Melbourne Breakfast loose leaf tea in a bag (not pictured as it lives at my workplace)
A warm and sweet brew with depth of character. Full, orthodox keemun leaves with a scattering of golden yunnan and assam tips produce a rich infusion with delicious vanilla and honey notes. Full-bodied and smooth, a hint of briskness cleans up a sweet vanilla finish. Versatile, refreshing and appealing, this is a morning staple that keeps telling a different story on each new day.
Short of spiking my tea with Amaretto, this vanillary tea quells the seas of rage and contempt when at work. It's delicious too, which is always a bonus.

What is your favourite T2 tea? I have designs on Choc Chip Chai next.

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  1. Who are these people who dislike peppermint and licorice? WHO!! I haven't tried Licorice Legs but I frequently brew milled licorice root + peppermint at home - and it's delicious.

    Reading your blog is decidedly bad for my wallet, as I now want all the tea - I love a fruity twist on Earl Grey, I adore green tea and only have pure sencha + gen mai cha at home (strawberries and cream!) and I definitely could do with a few more tisane blends. Lucky for me I live near a Thomas Dux and they stock T2 ;)