Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ELES Debutante Signature Shadow Quad.

As per usual, I'm late to the party. Debutante - an eyeshadow quad - was released by ELES as part of their Sixties Vibe collection in the Spring of last year.

ELES produces quality mineral makeup. I'm yet to meet a product from the Australian cruelty free brand I haven't fallen doe-eyed in dribbling love with. Their eyeshadow is no exception. The above swatches are a single swipe, applied with fingers without primer.

The highlight shade on the far left is almost invisible in my above swatch, although rest assured it is smooth and buttery. As it's intended (or at least how I intend) to highlight the browbone and inner corner of the eye, which is why I appreciate its subtle colour payoff and lack of serious shimmer. It's subtle in the best possible way.

In the pan, the frosty blue/purple (blurple?) intimidated me. I foresaw catching my reflection and having Mimi from The Drew Carey Show grin and finger wave back at me. Happily, as can be seem from the above swatch, it is actually closer to a gunmetal grey with a hint of navy blue. It's stunning on its own - or as I like to do with it - run a smidge along my outer top and bottom lash lines in a 'v' shape to define and enlarge my hooded eyes.

I love to wear purple on my eyes. I feel it pulls the green in my dark hazel eyes. I also love a satiny feeling matte to blend into my crease. The second from right swatch above is the colour I am talking about. It's so smooth and blendable I'm unsure if it is actually matte or satin.

Finally, on the far right is my favourite colour in this quad. Hardly surprising seeing as this blog is essentially documentation of my love affair with taupes. Suffice to say I fucking love this eyeshadow.

Although I'm not well versed in mineral eyeshadow, I will admit I'd assumed it would be chalky and patchy on application. I also thought it would wear poorly, either fading to nothing or creasing. I still believe this to be the case for most mineral eyeshadows. However ELES, true to form, have produced a delightful quad of smooth, buttery and longwearing eyeshadows.

The packaging is lovely. It feels to be high quality and the layout elicits childhood memories of going through the round window. It has an ample mirror and closes with a satisfying click. I believe this would be excellent to travel with as it's compact, has all the colours you'd need for either a daytime or smoky look.

Available from the ELES website.

*PR Sample


  1. Wow, this is beautiful!

  2. Wow, I haven't tried anything from this brand and this gives a really good (and enticing!) impression for me!