Thoughts of the week 001.

Naomi Okubo

01. I'm not sure if it's a waning interest in accumulating beauty products or a general malaise, however I thought it'd be nice to keep the flame alive with some non-beauty posts in the vein of Jessica and Natalie.

02. I can't stop burning my Palm Beach Sandalwood & Clove candle.

03. I have spent all Easter long weekend in bed after putting my back out, watching BBC bonnet dramas and reading books. Other than the pain I will admit to this having been my ideal way to spend Easter.

04. I love this and can't stop coming back to it.

05. When I wear Haus of Gloi Haus Amber perfume oil, I struggle to physically remove my wrists from my nose. Delicious.

06. I celebrated my birthday this past week by showering myself with gifts, including this handbag (inspired by Jessica) and this quilt.

07. I'm doing very poorly with my footy tipping this round, however I'm very pleased with Port Adelaide's season thus far.

08. I'm on the look out for winter boots, a tedious task for my amply-calved self.

09. So beautiful.

10. Sally Hansen Greige has not left my digits for weeks.

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  1. The Belle Lumiere21 April 2014 14:53

    Yay! I'm so glad to see others picking up this post trend. Love the bag too!

  2. I'm glad you joined the team!
    And Port making me very happy so far too x

  3. That bag is gorgeous!

  4. The highs and lows of supporting Port, eh? (;

  5. They're fun posts to write, they feel more personal than constant reviews.