Sunday, December 14, 2014

Alkemia Sampling | Part 1

I recently spoke about four fabulous full sized Alkemia treats, but here I am again to bleat to a non-existent beat about the sample pack (or two) I picked up in my order.

Antares Queen of the Night, Dried Wild Roses, Mandarin, Nicotania, Oakmosses, Cactus, Juniper, Acacia buds, Fir Resin, Clary Sage, Cedar Needles, Labdanum, Guaiac Wood, Germander, and White Patchouli lightly bathed in dewy Water Musk.

Antares is quite a departure from how I normally like to smell so I am unsure how to approach it in writing. The word that comes to mind is 'expensive'. It smells just like a very expensive, classy perfume. Wearing Antares makes me feel like the dorky, frizzy-haired heroine in the midst of her transformation into prom queen, only to have the gears grind horrifically mid-way leaving me in a halfway state. I smell the part, yet my cowlicks remain uncontrollable. It's very well blended, but overall I'd say it's quite green, leaning aquatic.

Black Magic Woman A sinfully decadent enchantment of devil's foodcake accord drizzled with dark caramel and sexy kiss of blackberry brandy and black plum incense on an irresistibly seductive bed of dark amber and sweet labdanum sprinkled with black rose petals.

I love to smell like cake. I love to smell like caramel. I love finding scents that fulfil my childish desire to smell edible, however it's becoming less acceptable for me to smell like straight up caramel cake. I am a professional adult person, or at least I'm attempting to trick people into believing I am. My focus has shifted instead to finding edible scents with a sexy, grown up vibe. Black Magic Woman fits the bill to a tee, I still smell like cake and caramel and berries, however there are more complex layers of sexiness. An hour into wearing, the sweetness dips and I get incense ash, booze and a blooming red rose. I need a full bottle of this in my life. 

Miel de Sauvage et Tabac Sweet, spicy pipe tobacco flecked with wild honey, freshly crushed honeycomb, the pollen of forest blossoms, and smoked black amber. Warm. Dark. Golden. Luminous. Untamed.

I sampled this on the suggestion of Su, whose perfume taste and collection is as impeccable as it is impressive. If a lover of the incredible honeyed tobacco offerings of such houses as Tom Ford and By Kilian suggests Miel de Sauvage et Tabac, I listen. Boy, was Su right - this is the most realistic tobacco scent I've smelt. It is just like putting your nose into a freshly opened pouch of tobacco. It's sweet, almost medicinal and hay-like. The honey takes a backseat in this scent, which is why I'm not head over heels in love.

Calaveras de Azucar (Sugar Skulls) Hauntingly sweet sugar skulls nestled against a backdrop of sugared white ambers

Sugar with a sprinkle of sugar, served with a side of sugar. This is an almost aquatic sugar with a slight dab of something almost masculine (amber?). Some would cry cultural appropriation at the name, however I'm more preoccupied with the disappointment of this good time Gertrude. Zero longevity.

Alkemia sell packs of 5 samples in packs for a super reasonable price.

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  1. Black Magic Woman sounds amazing, a nice blend of sweetness and being an adult is always hard to find