Sunday, December 21, 2014

Alkemia Sampling | Part 2

Like the prince who came to kiss the princess and break the spell, Alkemia snapped this blog back into action after a long post drought. I wrote about the delicious full sizers I blindly bought, as well as some other samples in Part 1. And so, in the words of Fatboy Slim, right here right now is time for round two of sample reviews.

Caveau des Innocents Tabac, dark coffee, piquant cloves, rum soaked pears, candied citron, dark caramel, and star anise bathed in intoxicating swirls of opoponax, labdanum, hashish, benzoin resinoid, vanilla incense, and guaiac wood.

Bizarre, but in the best way possible. Begins spicy and sweet. The pear and lemon mesh with the cloves and star anise, with an almost celery-like outcome. Once I have 'celery' in my mind, it's hard to shake the idea this smells like a plate of freshly cut celery with a paper bag of licorice somewhere nearby. My confused nose can't distinguish the booziness or the resins from the sweet/spicy, hence the faint licorice scent. About three hours in, it has morphed into the identical twin of my beloved (and sadly discontinued) With Love by Hilary Duff. If it mimicked With Love from start to finish, I would consider a full size but I CAN'T CELERY.

Affaire de Coeur A flirtatiously feminine enchantment of sugared white musk, creamy Madagascar vanilla, white sandalwood, tonka bean, white amber, and pale sugar cane.

The notes my brain translates from my nose, then interprets into language is very interesting to me, especially if I have not read the description. Perfume reviewing can border on fuckery at times with the dependence on similes, an example being I wrote in my notebook: 'vanilla ice cream, baby powder and something a bit sexy in the background'. Working backward from my interpretation, I feel I've hit the mark. The vanilla and musk gave me the ice cream vibe, the white amber is the baby powder and the sandalwood lends a bit o' somethin' somethin'. Well done nose/brain - go team!

Ghost Fire A hauntingly beautiful blend of white ambers flickers like ethereal fire. The exquisitely unworldly ones draw close to revel in its strange and luminous sweetness.

A definite skin scent. Other than the sweetness, I get salt. Salted caramel and the faintest waft of a spicy vanilla designer perfume. I have no idea how a perfume with only white amber could smell this complex. It's wizardry, but it's not for me. As the day wears on, the scent settles into the non-identical twin of Calaveras de Azucar (Sugar Skulls), which is fairly unsurprising seeing as they're both white ambers with little to no other notes.

The Decadents A hedonistic hymn of spiced black rum, Russian vodka, intoxicating cacao, honied tobacco, dark amber, vanilla infused opium, pheromone drenched musks, and a dangerously seductive tease of leather.

Oh my goodness. This is my favourite of the four. It's boozy, sexy, spicy and sweet. This is what I wanted out of Caveau des Innocents. It's as artfully blended as the luxury niche perfume house Histoires de Parfums. In fact, this isn't too far from their 1969 Parfum de Revolte, which is a firm favourite of mine so naturally I have serious designs on a full bottle of The Decadents. Initially, it smells like biting into a liqueur filled chocolate. The honeyed tobacco is subtle, warmed by vanilla. There is the lightest lick of leather for naughtiness, yet it's the skin musk (which is still sexy) and powdery, sweet amber that reign in the debauchery. This is sexy and classy all at once, in an Angelina Jolie kind of way.

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  1. I pretty much just bought all these in the sample set.