Monday, December 08, 2014

Firebird Bath & Body: Almond Milk, Brown Sugar & Vanilla Amber.

Another Etsy offering. Firebird Bath and Body (Formerly Flourish) is my go-to gift for the lovely ladies in my life. I have hooked friends and family alike on their stunning and rather unique Saltwater perfume. Whenever anyone is interested in dipping their toe into the realm of indie perfumery, I always suggest Firebird for their interesting yet simple blends. The notes are all easily identifiable and enjoyable together, making them the perfect introduction.

Almond Milk Soft, sensual, intoxicating: almond, vanilla, musk, a wisp of white chocolate.

Almond Milk is a bit of a cult favourite amongst the indie perfume traps. I've heard it described as smelling like a newborn's downy crown, of which I have no point of reference. I don't tend to find myself in the position where my nostrils are in such a proximity to babies, and considering I know no one with a sprog that's probably for the best. 

What I can tell you is that this perfume is as soft and cozy as cashmere. I would describe Almond Milk as spot on almond, bordering on maraschino cherry. It's warmed lightly by vanilla, but is definitely more musky than sweet. The musk is simultaneously powdery soft and animalistic, the closest simile I can conjure is powdered milk - hence the name Almond Milk.

Brown Sugar The scent of brown sugar, mellow and sweet, joined by coconut, vanilla and sandalwood.

When my grandma let me help her bake, I would marvel at the brown sugar. I loved how it moved long after you'd disturbed it, how it was almost living. This perfume is pure nostalgia for me. When I first uncapped it and rolled the scent onto my wrist, my bottom lip wobbled and my eyes misted over with the vivid memories of being a sprog with my special Grandma. It's uncanny. Brown sugar. The caramelly sweetness of brown sugar. This is my favourite, by far.

Vanilla Amber Warm vanilla bean and rich amber, with notes of coconut, cardamom, and sandalwood.

I was drawn to it after reading the most intriguing review where Vanilla Amber was described as the second half of a conversation with Almond Milk. Honestly, that's a perfect description. The amber is soft and powdery with a touch of something soapy, and the vanilla grown up and slightly spicy (could be the cardamom). I highly suggest Vanilla Amber if you're a sandalwood fiend. I really enjoy this one, but I fear I am borderline anosmic to it. I can smell it for the first ten minutes, then nothing. However, other people can smell it on me.

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  1. Such beautiful descriptions, I really do need to select a few of these and dive into the world of indie perfumes

  2. I love the firebird perfumes! My rollerball of almond milk may have exploded in my handbag but i'm not complaining ;). Pomegranate Rose is also amazing

  3. I love Firebird too - I took the Fig and Honey one overseas with me recently and the Pomegranate Basil is amazing as well.

  4. Indie perfumes are pretty overwhelming at first, but Firebird are a pretty darn good gateway. (;