Sunday, January 18, 2015

2014 Best in Beauty | Part 2: Hair.

Let's take a moment to appreciate 2014 as the year my hair evolved to something closer to what I wanted it to be. Tired of the upkeep of waist long uncoloured locks, I chopped it, coloured it, got a fringe, began growing out a fringe, demanded the 'Alexa' in the salon chair, and bought myself a curling wand. I've whistled while I've whittled my repertoire into a respectable group I'd not hesitate to invite to a dinner party. 

You may notice my faithfulness to particular brands. That is because they are excellent and deserving and have all been repurchased time and time again. It is also because I take great pains to avoid parabens, sulphates and other nasty ingredients. I also love to support Australian companies, which is easy when they make such incredible products (kissy face emoji to EVO and O&M).

Onto the best locks of my life.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Original & Mineral (henceforth known as O&M) is my favourite haircare brand. Their Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo leaves my dry, prone to matting hair clean, silky, more manageable and smelling of vanilla milkshakes.

Top Condition
The counterpart to my shampoo, also smelling of delicious vanilla milkshakes, O&M Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner takes the cake. Silly Sinead O'Connor was certainly unaware of the brilliance of these products when she shaved her head and cried while singing how nothing compares to you. These not only compare, they crush it.

Treat Yo Self
I have three treatments in rotation, and much like a mother with her children, I cannot pick a favourite. Or at least, I understand it is a faux pas. So, in no particular order of preference, I have loved and continue to love O&M Seven Day Miracle, EVO Mane Prescription and O&M Power Base. Special kudos to EVO for brightening my life by having a little Swedish penis pump on the packaging.

Dreadlocks Dread It
If you have hair as thick, dry and wavy as mine I'm sure you wince with understanding when I say my hair is a bird's nest at the nape of my neck. No matter what I do. This situation has certainly improved since chopping off a good ruler's length. but not enough to put down the incredibly good O&M No Knott. It leaves my hair manageable, brushable and smelling of pears. It contains organic Macadamia and Argan oils which certainly helps.

Heat Style
I became a grown-up this year. I bought a hairdryer (a fetchingly purple Parlux) and a curling wand, the pair are now close friends with my 10 year old GHD Straighteners that I desperately need to update. Out of the three, it's the curling wand I want to wax lyrical over. If you have shoulder-length hair, a Cloud 9 Micro Wand will be your hair's BFF. I bought mine for a fantastic price from the ever friendly Michael Johnson Hair online store. I promise I am not sponsored by them.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil is a double whammy product. It's a serum, but it's also a treatment. I use it as a serum to tame the frizzies and it is excellent. As smell is important to me, I will mention I do wish this smelt like other Alterna products I've tried. This is more cologne whereas a treatment I enjoyed smelled of peaches and apricots.

I never realised my life was missing something until I tried Amika Undone Texturising Spray (supposedly a dupe for the much touted Oribe offering). When your hair is thick, you assume you don't need anything to voluminise it. Wrong. You need to voluminise it in the right spots. I spray of this near the roots lifts my hair where it is normally weighed down by the weight of the thickness. It's also excellent to help separate curls and make them look more natural. Seriously, look at that packaging. It's crazy beautiful despite it not falling within my normal aesthetic.
While we're talking volume, I have also discovered EVO Root Canal sprayed into the roots of damp hair. Instant violet-scented love, serious volume.

Stay in Place
The best hair spray I have ever tried is O&M Original Queenie. I have put many a friend onto this gem.

Again, as I rewarded those that got to the end of Part 1, here is a delightful picture of my cat.

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  1. Ohh I had not heard of these brands before~ ^ ___ ^
    I am going to go check them out! ^ ^

  2. You are selling me on that Amika spray.

  3. Ok I'm convinced I need to get on the O&M bandwagon now, next on my to buy list when my current hair things run out :)