Sunday, January 04, 2015

Alkemia Sampling | Part 3

Happy 2015! Check out my other alkemia posts here, they're okay I promise.

Calliope A beguiling divertissement of piquant clementine, orange blossoms, white orchid, sugared currants, tonka, and vanilla musk whirled with flirtatious teases of billowy cotton candy floss and kisses of saltwater taffy.

Yes, it was the cotton candy and saltwater taffy that drew me in, Am I becoming predictable in my scent choices already? Believe it or not, with the floral aspect to this scent, I'm trying to push out of my comfort zone. And let's be real, my comfort zone is smelling like a child's excitement at being on a merry-go-round at a fair. While this isn't too far removed from my normal sweets and treats, the blossoms are prominent. In no way am I knocking the scent when I say this could be a mainstream celebrity perfume.

Vanille Amour A beguilingly spicy, delightfully sexy blend of Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas and Tonka nestled in with a warm melange of ancient Ottoman trade spices (cardamon, ginger, and Grains of Paradise) reknowned for 'heating up' affairs of the heart and inspiring desire.

Vanilla candle wax and spilled spices. Although I don't want to smell like a candle, I can appreciate this is a particularly expensive smelling candle. I wouldn't hesitate burning this candle in my home.

Carmen 7 An indecent proposal of succulently spiced pear, exotic lychees, decadent french pralines, bourbon vanilla, and crushed almond blossoms leads to a ménage à trois of gardenia, star jasmine, and magnolia illuminated by the afterglow of a sensuously musky amber.

Hello there, pear. I smell you. You are juicy and sweet and have brought your obnoxious floral friends that I just cannot get on with no matter how much I try. Oh what's that, pear? You must leave? Yes, I do mind and your friends cannot stay here (yet they will for the full working day, a veritable marathon of granny's white flowers). I see how others love this. If it weren't for the pear and vanilla popping up here and there, I probably wouldn't understand. Truth is, I just do not like jasmine or gardenia and am unfortunate in the sense my skin amps them.

Pumpkin Strumpet A decadent blend of rich pumpkin, caramelized sugar, Madagascar vanilla, precisely balanced with a swirl of cinnamon, ginger, & clove and a tiny drop of amber musk.

I love the name of this perfume. When I wear it I always hope for someone to ask what I'm wearing so that I may use the word 'strumpet' in polite conversation. Pumpkin Strumpet really is just Vanille Amour with pumpkin puree. It's the same heavy-handed sprinkling of cinnamon and clove meets generic vanilla candle. It's sweet, but also waxy, and just like Vanille Amour, it's not for me as a perfume. But it's absolutely delicious as a room scent in an oil burner.

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